Citroën 2CV in the main role!

The new film by Johan KramerJohan Primero premieres on 17th June.

This film tells the story of a FC Barcelona supporter who, to bring some luck to his team, drives his car 50 times a day around the stadium of FC Barcelona.

And what a big surprise: The home of Johan is neither more nor less than our beloved Citroen 2CV – Deux Chevaux!

Here is the Trailer of this movie.

Very interesting is also a short documentary from the studios FC Walvisch where it is described the process of capturing all those little sounds that give life and character to the Citroen 2CV – Deux Chevaux.

The solution was around the corner: to bring the Citroen 2CV – Deux Chevaux to the recording studio!

Johan Primero sound design from Johan Primero on Vimeo.

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