The great adventure of 33 small but mighty citroën 2cv in Brazil – the 2CV Raid Brésil 2011

After 13 days of adventure, some days ago – 5 Nov – ended in Fortaleza (Brazil), the 2CV Raid Brésil 2011.

Citroën 2CV crossing river - 2CV Raid Brésil 2011

With the participation of 33 Citroën 2CV and derivates, approximately 2 000 miles were travelled, crossing the brasilian states of Ceará, Maranhão and Rio Grande do Norte. Our beloved Citroën 2CV successfully went beyond all obstacles – unpaved roads, river crossings, parks, beaches, dunes …

Citroën 2CV crossing river - 2CV Raid Brésil 2011

Even exhausted and tired after this long journey, the participants didn’t hide the happiness of another overcomed challenge.

Citroën 2CV unpaved road - 2CV Raid Brésil 2011

The 33 pilots, about 85 team members and the little but mighty Citroën 2CV returned to their homes, bringing along stories and memories of an unforgettable tour through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil.

Photos: Citroën Brazil

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