Citroën 2CV is one of the William Shatner’s Top Ten Favorite Cars

Willian Shatner gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise, in the television series Star Trek.

During one week he published via his Twitter account his top ten list of favorite cars.

Matt Hardigree and the folks at Jalopnik organized the list and added some insight into what each pick reveals about The Captain.

According to then William Shatner was not only a cool person on-screen but he’s also awesome in real life. The proof are the ten cars that he chose.

The list started 29 March with our beloved Citroën 2CV. What great pick to start with!

10. Citroën 2CV
What It Says About Shatner: The 2CV is a bit of a shibboleth among car enthusiasts. This choice shows that he’s a car guy with classic tastes and an appreciation for oddball culture. Also, he likes French things, and that’s always charming.

(source Jalopnik)

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