How to restore Citroën 2CV – Citroën 2CV Book Review

How to restore Citroën 2CV BookEnthusiast’s Restoration Manual: Your Step-by-step Illustrated Guide to Body, Trim and Mechanical Citroën 2CV Restoration

by Lindsay Porter, Veloce Publishing Ltd
Paperback • 26.7×20.8×2.3 cm • 272 pages • ISBN: 978-1903706442

If you have a Citroën 2CV and want to restore it, this is an highly recommended book for you.

This book – How to restore Citroën 2CV – is without doubt a very comprehensive guide to restoring the Citroën 2CV. Each section has very detailed step-by-step descriptions and loads of photos and illustrations, mainly color ones.

There is so much detail and excellent photographs that provided you have the mechanical and welding skills there isn’t a Citroën 2CV that can’t be restored using this book – How to restore Citroën 2CV.

How to restore Citroën 2CV covers all aspects of restoration including bodywork, interior trim, mechanical and electrical components. Also routine maintenance is not forgotten.

How to restore Citroën 2CV - Chapter 4 SampleChapter 4 Sample

This book – How to restore Citroën 2CV – is extremely useful, particularly if you have never restored a Citroën 2CV before. How to restore Citroën 2CV is a must-have Citroën 2CV book for your garage shelf and will offer assistance and help with every Citroën 2CV project from full restoration to routine repair and maintenance.

Table of contents:

Introduction & acknowledgments
Chapter 1. Safety first!
Chapter 2. Tools, equipment & spares
Chapter 3. Servicing & maintenance
Chapter 4. Engine & ancillaries
Chapter 5. Transmission repairs & replacement
Chapter 6. Brakes, rear wheel bearings & oil seals
Chapter 7. Suspension, steering, wheels & tyres
Chapter 8. Electrics
Chapter 9. Interior
Chapter 10. Chassis
Chapter 11. Bodywork
Appendix 1. Identification details – ‘A-type’ vehicles from 1963
Appendix 2. Specifications
Appendix 3. Clubs, specialists & suppliers

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