3 Tips to wake up your Citroën 2CV – Deux Chevaux after winter hibernation

With the onset of summer comes to an end the hibernation period for many 
 Citroën 2CV – Deux Chevaux.

It is time to prepare the wake up of these hibernated Citroën 2CV – Deux Chevaux from their slumber of winter, in order to return in shape for the summer tours.

Citroën 2CV Snow

For a smooth wake up we give you 3 basic tips to put a Citroën 2CV – Deux Chevaux back to work:

1. Battery: check load and recharge

Ok! You forget to disconnect the battery cables before winter and the battery lost the load. You can start the engine using a backup battery and cables, but it is not funny if the engine stops and you need to do the connections again. So it is best to recharge the battery to full load. And don’t forget, next time disconnect the battery cables.

2. Ignition plugs: clean or replace

Even with the battery at full load you can have faulty ignition. A likely cause may be dirty or damaged plugs. It is important to verify that the poles of the plugs are not dirty and if the gap is still the correct one. In some cases the best is to replace the plugs for new ones.

3. Petrol: Check level and top

Ok, OK! Everything is okay but engine does not start! Have you checked petrol level? The petrol that you filled during the winter may have evaporated itself. You need to fill up again.

These are 3 basic and simple tips for a soft wake up at the first turn of the key.

If you need further help related to Citroën 2CV maintenance and service we recommend you the Citroën 2CV Haynes Owner’s Workshop Manual (Service & repair manuals)